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Algard DR 25aN


Aldehyde-Free General Purpose Disinfectant Cum Cleaner

> Broad spectrum of microbial performance
> Effective against viruses like Polio-, Adeno- and Noro virus
> Excellent fungicidal performance (Incl. Aspergillus Niger)
> Broad bactericidal performance including sporicidal performance (Clostridium Diffcile)

Best suited for: For hospitals, long term care facilities, veterinary clinics, restaurants, food processing plants, schools, office buildings, athletic facilities & institutions.

Each 100ml Contains

Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

: 6.9% w/w

Correct Solution Strength - 2%
20ml DR25aN in 1 ltr water
100ml DR25aN in 5ltr water

Available in 1ltr & 5ltr packaging

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