Good hygiene is crucial to creating a safe and productive workplace for our customers and employees.


At Rakshak, we cover the following establishments:



All air, rail & road transportation



Schools, universities libraries, training centers



All private and government offices



Private homes, villas, housing societies, etc



Hotels, restaurants, cafes, rooms, kitchens, etc



Gyms, swimming pools, arenas, equipments, etc

With our disinfection & cleaning services, you are getting more than just a germ & virus free environment. At Rakshak we offer:

Advanced cleaning and hygiene advice from industry – leading experts, resulting in healthy & welcoming environments.

An important part of this consultation is establishing the surface to be disinfected & cleaned, appropriate disinfectants / cleaners to use and appropriate technology.

Data and information to make informed decisions for your business. The right solution for your workplace , taking into account – Effectiveness based on level of severity, risk of future virus resistance, sensitivity of special materials & surface such as electronics, wood, etc.

Cleaning that matches the severity level at your workplace – and lives upto local regulatory standards and governmental guidance. Step-up disinfection: High – frequency disinfection & cleaning to disinfect high-touch or high footfall areas.

All Rakshak employees involved in overseeing & delivering the disinfection & cleaning solutions are trained, ensuring standardized high quality service with utmost care & complete safety rules.

Awareness campaigns: In partnership with you we can help re-assure your people of ongoing cleaning efforts and educate them on hygiene practices via posters, etc permanently placed at your establishment.

Strong disinfection cleaning presence encourages peace of mind and visibility of Rakshak teams supports the image of a healthy & safe workplace for your employees and customers.

For Disinfection & Cleaning Services:

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Email: [email protected]

We are currently servicing in Delhi NCR

DISCLAIMER: Where Rakshak is requested to provide disinfection & cleaning services aimed at reducing the presence of biological contaminants such as COVID19, it is understood that Rakshak and its subcontractors cannot guarantee that any particular virus and/or bacteria will be completely eliminated, or that future transmission will be prevented. Therefore, upon instructing Rakshak and/or its subcontractors to undertake such services, the customer acknowledges and agrees that Rakshak shall have no liability whatsoever relating to the same. Additionally, Rakshak will not be liable for any damage to property or assets, abrics, or any surfaces arising from the disinfectants/cleaners used and/or methods of infectious cleaning.