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Algard Surface Disinfectants

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The best Hand Sanitizer In India

We understand the responsibility we hold for maintaining the quality of products we put forth.

Our objective is to help create a healthier and safer environment across industries. May it be a kitchen or a classroom, a meeting room or public transport, we have got it all covered.


Instant Handrubs / Sanitizers

Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic based hand hygiene solutions.

Multi-Surface Disinfectants

CDSCO & US EPA approved multi-surface disinfection & cleaning solutions.


Food & Water Disinfectants

Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver-Ions based food & water disinfection solutions.


Our insights into the world of hand hygiene & surface disinfectants

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Our Best Sellers

With an aim of bringing the absolute best to the world of hygiene, we are introducing a range of sanitizers and disinfectants.

The pandemic has made us realize that sanitation and cleanliness can no longer be taken for granted. Healthier and more hygienic surroundings are no longer a luxury but a necessity in contemporary times.

We plan on making this lifestyle shift easier on the population by providing a range of highly effective disinfectants and sanitizers at a low overall cost. Our world-class solutions integrate products, measurement systems, processes, and training to reduce risk and improve results. We at Algard care are committed to making your surroundings cleaner and healthier.


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